Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Tom Horn At Jazzercise

June 7, 2011

Kathy's birthday today (61). Made her and Carole Glenn lunch today, had a party last weekend. Also, at her request, went to Jazzercise with her this morning. Only guy among 16 gyrating women ("Step-ball-chain!") I don't want to say it's foo foo dancing, but let's just say I wouldn't tweet an image of myself getting jiggy at Jazzercise to Mr. Weiner's groupies. Didn't recognize one song they played. At one point the instructor, a very cute young woman, mentioned that a certain song featured Britney Spears, so that was instructive to me. She also commented on the criticism of Ms. Spears as being too old to cut the mustard (my term, not hers). Britney is 28, which I didn't know either, so I guess you could say I learned a ton by going with my wife to Jazzercise. I actually liked the pelvic thrust moves, but I don't think the two women in front of me enjoyed it since I insisted on grabbing their hips and trading off thrusts.

Just kidding. I'm a very good boy at these things and all the woman call me "Bob."

When we were taping the new True West Moments in Lincoln last weekend I mentioned to the crew that the new band names were getting really weird and off the charts, like the names are the middle of a sentence. I couldn't think of an example, but when I got home I asked T. Charles and he gave me this current band name:

. . .and You Will Know Us By The Trail of The Dead

I'm not kidding, that's the name of a band! Other than the Exits, I still think the best name for a band ever, is Moose Dicks From Outer Space (an eighties band), but that's just me.

After lunch today I brought in an unfinished image of Tom Horn for the next Graphic Cinema. Finished it at my desk in the office.

Not too shabby. Did another one, more of a close-up, but that one didn't cut it.

Have you heard that the first 74 million Baby Boomers started turning 65 in January? And that 7.6 of us are turning 65 every minute. Rather retiring, no?

E.J. Montini wrote a great op-ed piece in Sunday's Arizona Republic, "Arizona at 100: Why can't we behave?" Here's the part I really responded to:

"And rather than shrink from [our crazy pols and immature blunders] or be embarrassed by it, we should celebrate it. It's part of what draws so many dreamers, innovators, iconoclasts, crooks and charlatans to this strange, curious, beautiful place. It's what makes living here so much fun.

"This is Arizona.

"Deal with it, America."

Thanks E.J.

"Hey, you're only young once, but you can be immature forever."
—Larry Anderson, also quoted by Montini in his piece

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