Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Landed In Lincoln

June 1, 2011

Landed in Lincoln at about two this afternoon. Great trip over, although a bit hazy from all the fires. Drove over with Tara Laman and we went the southern route through Apache Junction, Picket Post (scorched from a recent fire), Pinal, Superior, Top of The World (which is being bypassed and they are POd), Miami, Globe, Geronimo, San Carlos, Bylas, Eden, Pima, Thatcher, Safford, Solomonville, York (where my grandfather Guess had a ranch), Black Jack Ranch, Mule Creek (love that little spot in the road), Glenwood and up the switchbacks to Mogollon.

Ate dinner on the deck of Lew and Tara's impressive mining shack, overlooking William Antrim's outhouse, which has finally collapsed, but I remember it before it pooped out. And, I remember seeing it and thinking, Gee, Billy the Kid's step dad saw a man about a horse right there in that little building. Amazing.

But then, I am easily amused when it comes to road trips and outhouse history.

This morning at seven, I treated Lew and Tara to breakfast at the Alma Grill (the spot where Butch Cassidy, Sundance hung out when they worked for the WS Ranch nearby), then on to Reserve to get gas at the Phillips 66 and talked to Henry, the man behind the Elfego Baca statue and future museum. Lots of gossip and obstacles in his way, but he always endures the BS and gets it done.

Then on to Horse Springs (little store is closed, made me sad), on to Datil, the Plains of San Augustine (and the Great Array), and Magdalena. Took the time to drive around and look at all the cool, old houses. The Gallaghers have a handsome old two-story Victorian mansion on a side street. Lots of old funky houses, very early Kingman, which is to say, major funky if you like the look or white trash trashy if you not inclined, like I am, to dig wrecked cars in the side yard. I'm saying I have a high tolerance for desert funkiness, which would drive my mother crazy. I dig old mining camps with wrecked hoists, ore cars and colored bottles. it doesn't get any better than that.

Landed In Lincoln at about two. Westerns Channel crew is coming in from San Antonio (now that's a drive), with Jeff and another producer flying in from Denver. Shooting all day tomorrow and Friday.

"When the legend becomes fact, try to connect the two in an entertaining way."


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