Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fifty Greatest Leftist Westerns?

June 23, 2011

Our Westerns editor, Henry Beck often sends me updates on new Westerns and discussions about old ones. Case in point, an English dude has compiled the 50 Greatest Westerns and it has some lively commentary, like this:

"This is one of the absolute peaks of pure narrative cinema: a story which spans many months, hundreds of miles and armies of extras, all of it dedicated to keeping an audience engrossed. Sure, there’s meaning here if you want it (War is absurd! People are assholes!) but this is a movie which works so astonishingly well on the surface that digging any deeper doesn’t just feel pointless, but ever so slightly wrong."

He's referring to one of my fave Westerns of all time (hint: number 10). Here's the link:

Fifty Greatest Westerns

By the way, someone in the posting commentary at the end ripped the list as being a "typical leftist list." Ha. So I guess you'd call this the 50 Greatest Leftist Westerns.

"When the legend becomes fact, film the version that sells the most tickets."

—Every film producer who ever lived

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