Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Charlie Meadows and Sheriff George Ruffner

April 24, 2012

   Crazy busy. Working quite a bit on tracing paper. Allows me to work freely without pencil and if I screw it up I can put another piece of tracing paper over it and not lose the design. Here are a couple recent illustrations done in this manner. First up, the legendary Charlie Meadows:

Done from a photograph. Next up Prescott Sheriff George Ruffner (who won a mortuary in a poker game and thus could offer taxpayers the luxury of being able to shoot 'em, groom 'em and entomb 'em.

These are for upcoming True West Moments that will run in the Arizona Republic. Next up a set piece for the next Graphic Cinema:

Very clean style, eh?

"Inspiration comes from working every day."

—Charles Pierre Baudelaire