Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Wyatt On The Set Final

April 3, 2012

Got up at five, sketched like crazy until about eight, utilizing a variety of movie set references, finally went to painting about eight-thirty, kept at it until noon, broke for lunch, did a final push and finished at 1:30, brought it into the office, scanned it and sent it via the cloud down to Dan The Man for the layout of "Wyatt On The Set".

Can you spot Wyatt? Hint: he's standing next to a young John Wayne. Oh, and on every movie set I've been on there is always one guy walking away (see, at right). Going to lunch, back to the studio, fed up, etc. As William Goldman (or was it Larry McMurtry?) once remarked:

"The most exciting day of my life was my first day on a movie set and the most boring day of my life was later that same day."
—William Goldman (paraphrased)

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