Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Extremely O.K. Schieffelin Hall

April 11, 2012

Did a tight tracing of Schieffelin Hall this morning to send to my color guy in Cal. Want to see what the color palette is going to be for the O.K. Project. I want it to be Extremely O.K. but I'll settle for Just O.K. Examples to follow.

Speaking of Tombstone, here's a sneak peek at the next issue, which is at the printer even as you read this:

Power went out last night right in the middle of watching the Lawman. I was shooting art reference off the TV when it went down. Man, that John Russell has a great face. So rugged. Little bit of Burt Lancaster with a pinch of Clark Gable thrown in.

Turns out a transformer blew up across the creek, over by Cal and John's casita. Went over there and sat in the dark in their kitchen and had a glass of wine. Came home around nine. Power came back on at ten.

"I never knew a lawman who got old."
—John Russell, as "Lawman"

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