Friday, April 27, 2012

Festival of the West is Coming Back

April 27, 2012

Someone on here challenged me to illustrate Wyatt Earp's favorite horse in Tombstone and, well, here you go:

Several years ago I ran into Tate Wilford at Festival of the West and he had a very authentic cowboy look a la 1880s. Took a photo of him and recently did this scratchboard of his pose.

And speaking of Festival of the West, I heard it from the horse's mouth that the longtime festival will be revived next year. Mary is back in the saddle. More details to come.

What will the last Baby Boomer look like? Well, if you get past the odds of it being a woman, I think I know. This is Kid Burns: He's a cranky ol' bastard.

Can't stand the youth of today (that would be 2062).

"Kids today don't know jack about nothin'. They don't even know how to bogart a joint! It's just crazy, I tell ya. What happened to our world?"

—Kid Burns