Thursday, November 07, 2013

Go West Young Buster

November 7, 2013
   Just got this from my cousin Tap Lou Weir. It's from the Mohave Miner in Kingman:

May 22, 1925
   Buster Keaton, the noted film comedian will make a six-reel picture in Mohave county starting in a week or so. Mr. Keaton and three of his men were in here this week looking up a location and picked Tap Duncan's ranch.

October, 1933
   Mr. and Mrs. Buster Keaton of movie fame stopped last Wednesday night in Kingman at the Beale Hotel. They are on their way home after spending some time in the east.

   Since it's known Tap Duncan had a standing room at the Beale Hotel it's very possible Keaton stayed there on the scouting trip and ran into Duncan in the lobby, or the cafe, or the bar and they struck a deal to film "Go West" on Tap's Diamond Bar Ranch. Wish we had the details. Here's a classic shot on location for the film, which appears to be near Red Lake, a huge dry lake northeast of Kingman:

Buster Keaton in "Go West" (1925), filmed on the Diamond Bar Ranch in Mohave County

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