Tuesday, November 05, 2013

What's Next? The 66 Kid

November 5, 2013

   Pulled a failed rough out of my Failure Pile this morning and added some ground.

Daily Whipout, "Red Rider #6"

My Next Project: The 66 Kid
   A crazy kid from Kingman goes searching for the roots of the Mother Road. He is bound and determined to find out the answer to this question: why is a long, narrow two-lane blacktop the most famous highway in the world? The 66 Kid will dig deeper into the roots of the road, with insights into the people who made it run along with plenty of wonderful first person accounts of the crazy curios and the shyster ways of roadside attractions.

Memory is the only road home
A Little Bent For Sure

   We are pitching a TV documentary of the same name—The 66 Kid—to Channel Eight, the PBS affiliate in Phoenix. This is the same partnership which garnered an Emmy for last year's "Outrageous Arizona" a doc on Arizona's bumpy road to statehood. The 66 Kid show is projected to air in August in time to promote the premiere of the book and the Route 66 festival in Kingman. The book will also likely be offered as a premium on Eight's Pledge Drive as well, promoting and marketing the book numerous times with each showing.

   The book will premiere at next year's Route 66 International Festival which will be held in Kingman on the weekend of August 16.

   And finally, tonight I am appearing, along with my co-hosts, Jana Bommersbach and Marshall Trimble, of the documentary "Outrageous Arizona," at the Phoenix Art Museum in a sold out show where we will regale the audience with stories of statehood and the making of the Emmy Award winning documentary. All three of us are bringing our Emmys.

"We all grew up on Route 66 and we are all a little bent."
—Trudy Peart