Monday, November 04, 2013

Go West Young Weston

November 4, 2013
   Thanks to Jim Hinkley, of Route 66 fame, I finally got to see the full version of Buster Keaton's "Go West" (1925) which was filmed at the Diamond Bar Ranch in Mohave County. It is believed that Tap Duncan met Buster Keaton at the Beale Hotel in Kingman and a deal was made to film the movie on Tap's ranch. There is a sequence at a train siding which some of us think is probably Hackberry (where Tap shipped his cattle). Here is a link:

"Go West"

   Got some new pics of my grandson and in most of them he is laughing like crazy. But I kind of dig this more serious one:


Yes, I'm sexy. Gotta problem with that?"
—Weston Allen Bortscheller