Saturday, November 02, 2013

The Cave Creek Wild West Days Parade

November 2, 2013
   Kathy and I drove to Kingman yesterday for a funeral. Julie Waters' husband Joe Lopez passed. He was 70. After the graveside service I walked up to say hi to my dad:

   My kids put the tiny, black T-Bird on the grave about ten years ago and it's still there. We enjoyed visiting with Charlie and Linda Waters and the rest of the Waters clan.

   This morning I walked in the Cave Creek Wild West Days Parade with these two:

Concho Stretches Before Parade

   This is Concho, the rescued thoroughbred race horse trained by Lee Anderson (in saddle). Concho was raring to go and kept stretching each front leg, first one, then the other:

"Stretch it. Stretch it good!"

   Lee and Concho are always a big hit with the kids as Lee puts Concho through his paces. "He's so well trained," many shout out, but Lee takes umbrage at that. "He's well educated," he insists. "Not well-trained, like a bear, or something.

"We were studying lawyer jokes, in a University lit. class, thinking there must be thousands but were astounded to learn there were actually only three. All the rest were true stories."
—Old Lawyer Joke (one of the three)