Thursday, January 02, 2014

A Big, Singular Effort Is Under Way

January 2, 2014
   Time flies where you're behind the eight-ball. Been running in front of a train for the last couple of weeks. With the March issue out the door, the book project is on the front burner with the first 16-pages due tomorrow. Been working on road pictures and that's been fun. Here's my parents tooling down Route 66 when I was just a tike:

Finished the layouts this afternoon, and decided it was time to finish the last page. Here it is:

The Road Is The Only Thing

   Haven't been able to spend much time here, but you know what they say about singular effort:

"You already know what a big, stupid, oafish fool you are to go after something so singularly that you lost your apartment."
—Negin Farsad, documentarian