Monday, January 20, 2014

Pack Rat Condo

January 20, 2014
  If it's not the Biebers (javalenas) it's pack rats. I had to sell the family '49 Ford because pack rats were eating the car to pieces, starting with the wiring in the engine and moving into the upholstery. I moved the heirloom from the outside garage to the inside garage (adjacent to the house) and it barely slowed them down. Now, I find they were launching their attacks on the '49 from a nearby condo with a view. Like an idiot, I stored my most precious family photos in a dresser drawers along the wall, never thinking pack rats could, or would, get in there. Boy, was I mistaken. When I got set to do The 66 Kid a couple months ago I went out to check on the photos and all three drawers were packed with cholla and debris.

  I cleaned out two of them over the weekend and found some gems that survived the onslaught, but just to give you an idea at how gross these little bastards are, here's the third drawer:

Pack Rat Decor

"The problem with the rat race is that even when you win, you're still a rat."
—Lilly Tomlin