Wednesday, January 08, 2014

More Kicks On 66

January 8, 2014
   Finishing up the second 26-page section of the book today. Laid in all the images and did a conference call with Dan Harshberger to tweak layouts and add pullquotes and cutlines. Got some great images and maps (from Gus Walker, the Mapinator!). Going to be very sweet.

  Went home for lunch and colorized my Andreas Feininger sketch:

Andreas Feininger: "Eye On The Sky II"

   Actually got the lens right. He's definitely looking skyward. Also whipped out a little study of the guy who coined the phrase and lyric, "Get your kicks on Route 66."

Bobby Troup: "On The Road"

   Got some great quotes from the boys and got the truth about their journeys. Gee, I wonder what ol' Brett Morgan thinks about this?

"I often find the truth to be overrated. I'd rather have a drink with a really good storyteller, than with someone who sticks to the record."
—Brett Morgen