Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Neon In The Night And Slithering Traffic On Cajon Pass

January 14, 2014
   A couple nights ago we rented "About Schmidt" the Alexander Payne film, starring Jack Nicholson, about a widower in Omaha who goes to Denver for his daughter's wedding and has adventures along the way. This is a companion piece to Payne's new film, "Nebraska" which I believe was written by the same guy. Anyway, the film opens with Nicholson's character watching the clock on his final minutes and seconds at an insurance company he has worked for all his adult life. Afterwards, he and his wife drive to his retirement party at a local restaurant in the rain. I was intrigued by the lighting effects of wet streets and neon, so got up this morning and whipped this out.

Daily Whipout: "After The Rain On A Buggy Neon Night"

   Also, got inspired to do a slithering snake of headlights and tailights moving along the ridges of Cajon Pass on Old Route 66.

Daily Whipout: "A Slithering Snake of Traffic Traversing Cajon Pass"

"[John] Ford told [Stephen Spielberg] to consider the 'art of the horizon'—never dead center, but always at either the top or the bottom of the frame."
Martin Scorsese, in Tell Me Something, a book of advice for documentarians