Thursday, January 09, 2014

Night Driving Redux

January 9, 2014

   Last night I drove down into the Beast to attend a lecture on Route 66 at Pueblo Grand Museum. Joined Dan and Darlene Harshberger for dinner then motored out to 4619 E. Washington to the museum. Professor John Craft, of the Walter Cronkite School of Broadcasting was the host. Had fun, learned a couple things for the book and need to check up on a couple of the claims: Craft claims the Jesuits planted the trees that gives Peach Springs its name? I've never heard that one and I have not read of any Jesuits in Mohave County in the olden days. Hmmmm. Gay?

   Got up this morning intrigued by nightime effect on the road. Whipped out these little studies before going into work:

Daily Whipout: "Night Driver"

Daily Whipout: "Night Trails"

   Worked on several projects this morning, including the second signature of "The 66 Kid." Wrote up several passages on Peach Springs and the fabulous Hualapais, then went home for lunch and whipped out a couple more:

Daily Whipout: "A Long Line of Cars Outside Truxton"

Daily Whipout: "Leaving Fort Sumner"

Daily Whipout: "Traffic On I-10 Near Tonopah"

   Not quite there, but I'm learning nightime effects. Can't quite get the glow right. Keep making the same mistake. Gee, I wonder what ol' James Marsh has to say about this?

"Learn from you mistakes—write them down and torment yourself with them."
—James Marsh