Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Fill it with Flite Fuel?

May 7, 2014
   Deena C. turns 34 today. She loved to play in the sand as a tooter, and she still does.

Deena C. plays in the sand I trucked in for our patio when we lived at 707 W. MacKenzie in Phoenix.

Last night Kathy and I watched another episode of Silicon Valley, the new TV show from Mike Judge. The episode was written by this guy:

T. Bell, Amy, Kathy, Carson and his date (an up and coming singer he met at the post office).

   Anyway, here's the title card at the end of the show to prove the authorship:

Not bad for a Phoenix boy. I couldn't be prouder if he was my own son.

Meanwhile, I am still shocked by the disappearance of all the old gas stations, even on old Route 66. The only one left, I saw, was the station in Truxton, which against all odds, is still in business. It even has the old rubber tubes that trigger a lube room bell when a car drives over them.

Old School Service Stations—gone but not forgotten

"Fill it with Flite Fuel, ma'am?"
—Our trained first greeting as we walked out of the office