Friday, May 30, 2014

Powhatan Clarke Revisited

May 30, 2014
   We are doing a big feature on the Arizona Medal of Honor recipients in the next issue (August), which is part of a big show currently on display at the Arizona Historical Society in Tempe (in Papago Park on the Curry side):

   One of the Medal of Honor recipients is the subject of a recent blog post about his father, who I discovered while visiting my son in Baltimore:

Powhatan Clarke, Sr. in a painting at the Maryland Historical Society Museum

   His son earned the Medal of Honor in Arizona. Here is my take on him, poached from a Frederic Remington rendering of Powhatan:

Lt. Powhatan Clarke and his Apache Scouts by BBB aping Remington.

   And here is a real Remington illustration that made soldier Clarke famous to the folks back east:
Frederic Remington's depiction of Lt. Powhatan H. Clarke rescuing Corporal Edward Scott of the 10th Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers and earning the Medal of Honor during the Apache Wars. And here is Lt. Clarke wearing his medal:

Lt. Powhatan Clarke, circa 1886. He earned the medal for his heroic actions on May 3, 1886 during the Geronimo Campaign. This photo is courtesy Heritage Auctions.

   And here's my take on the artist who painted Powhatan in the field:

BBB's Remington doing a Daily Whipout

"Ah, Arizona where young men are full of enthusiasm and old men are full of whiskey."
—Frederic Remington