Monday, May 26, 2014

Get Ready for a new series to be called "Gunslingers"

May 26, 2014
   On our last day in Baltimore, my son drove us up to Hampden for breakfast at the Golden West Cafe. Had the local version of huevos rancheros, complete with a banana slice:

it was good, but the tortilla was store bought. I told my kids I couldn't live in a place where you can only get store bought tortillas. Unfortunately, that includes most of New Mexico. Afterwards, we walked around the neighborhood, which is quite funky-hippie.

I believe this is Cafe Hon, which was another eating place on the street.

  Just got invited to attend the premiere of "Gunslingers" a new mult-part docudrama series on a new channel—The Military Channel is changing their name to The American Heroes Channel—and they are launching the whole deal with this series, which I worked on. Here was my view last summer on a hot day, outside Santa Fe:

The Bonanza Creek set of "Gunslingers," where I channeled my best, poached Larry Ball factoids on Tom Horn, among others, and, the resulting stew, which will premiere on July 29 on the new American Heroes Channel should be a hoot.

In addition to the launch of the TV show I've also got to start getting ready to launch my own book, "The 66 Kid," which will premiere on August 14 at the Powerhouse in Kingman.

Lots of media to line up and it's almost as difficult as doing the actual book (and even more haphazard!). it ain't easy to be heard in a crowded marketplace. Or, as James Parker put it so succinctly in Sunday's New York Times:

"You [must] find new formats, new gimmicks, new shows to be on, new ways to prickle or perforate the oblivious disregard in which America holds you, the dark night of your unfamousness."
—James Parker