Friday, May 30, 2014

Toasting The Hat That Is Toast

May 30, 2014
   AC in the studio is out. Had to call Desert Foothills Air Conditioning and then wait for a technician. One came around 9:30 and found out it was simply a breaker issue. Amazing how nice it feels in here with the cooler going.

   HAT NEWS: I brought one of my straws to Baltimore for T's graduation. Was tempted to bring one of my good felts, but after the graduation we were going to the beach in Dewey, Delaware and I was afraid I would ding the dang thing too much.

   Unfortunately, the brim on the straw went entirely flat, perhaps from the eastcoast humidity, although it didn't seem all that bad. I tried reshaping the brim, but it just got worse. Here we are on the last day in Baltimore, having shots in a harbor saloon near where T. Charles works at V-No (a wine bar, get it?):

Pattarapan and Kathy toast the guy wearing the hat that is toast.

   I'm embarrassed at how squirrelly the dang brim looks. Brought it into Watson's Cave Creek Hat Shop yesterday for emergency care. Could be expensive but I don't care. I want my hats to be happy.

"Hat's off to ya."
—Old Vaquero Greeting