Sunday, March 12, 2023

Big, Bad, Nice Storm From Start to Finish

 March 12, 2023

   Sat out front yesterday afternoon to read the newspapers and enjoy the view. Noticed an ominous bank of clouds at about three and took several photos as them as the weather system rolled towards us. 

   At one point, actually a couple minutes before the above photo I captured this long tail cloud that turne out to be benign.

Long Tailed Cloud Over Ratcliff Ridge

   Took this last one at 3:31, just before the rain hit.

Although the clouds looked quite ominous, the actual rain was steady and not a torrent, and with a surprising lack of wind. About twenty minutes later, we spied this.

Ratcliff Ridge Rainbow

   Retired to the house and watched part of the last episode of "1923" but just can't quite get into that In-din School Catholic Villain substory, so I went on one more walk with Uno and ran across this.

Uno In Wet Sunset

   Quite green and lush with running water. Looks more like Hawaii than Arizona. It's been a weird weather year, to say the least.

   Still working on that 1971 Valley of the Sun story and it will involve one of these crazy birds.

Go Unto A Go Go

"If I were commited to reality as much as most people, I wouldn't have achieved anything. Never face facts."

—Ruth Gordon

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