Monday, March 27, 2023

What If Milk Cows Went On Strike? What if American History Was Actually Taught In Schools?

 March 27, 2023

   The Top Secret Writer is doing a cover story for us on this guy.

"Mister Controversy"

Maynard Dixon

      Marshall Trimble has a great road tale in our next book that involves this landmark.


  Here is a brilliant cartoon that answers the question, "What if Milk Cows Went On Strike?" It is by one of my cartoonist heroes, Heinrich Kley, a German artist, but I think it qualifies to be in an upcoming Humor Issue feature. It's not technically from the Old West, but it would have been seen by Westerners in the 1910 era. A bit of a reach but I think it qualifies as humor from that time, if not place. Especially since it would represent what Westerners found funny.

"The Strike of The Milk Cows"

By Heinrich Kley

The Problem We Face

   As you probably know, there is an epidemic failure in our schools regarding the teaching of Western history. Historian Jeffrey Sikkenga calls it a "civic illness,"  and if we don't get a handle on it we are going to lose our future by destroying our past. Here's the problem in a nutshell: any teacher who even tries to discuss the Pilgrims at Thanksgiving, the Alamo (much less, remembering it!), or Custer's Last Stand is going to get called on the carpet by angry parents spouting grievance politics. So it becomes safer and easier to remove all of these historical events from the ciriculum entirely. And they have been!

   So, what is the answer if we want kids to be interested in history? I'll have that answer tomorrow.

"History isn't just something that ought to be taught, read, or encourage only because it will make us better citizens. It will make us a better citizen and it will make us more thoughtful and understanding human beings."

—David McCullough

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