Friday, March 31, 2023

Feedback On Sub Promo & Charming Billy Died Like A Dog

 March 31, 2023

   If we are seeking historic truths—and I am—how often do we ever even find it? Here is one of those rare occasions when I got it right the first time.

Charming Billy Died Like A Dog
August 1991

   If you saw Dan The Man's first pass at my ideas on a new subscription ad two days ago, you might be amused by some of the responses I got:

Feedback On Our First Sub Promo Ad Idea

  Turns out my Kathy and Sheri Riley Jenson loved it. Our publisher is not hip to it and called to complain. Paul Hutton got hung up on the multiple meanings of "Straight." Mark Lee Gardner thinks the girls send a kinky vibe. Lynda Sanchez showed it to a friend who commented, " I would bet a $100 bill that men designed the ad!" And, it must be said, Lynda's friend is 100% correct. And, here is one of our sales people weighing in:

"I'm divided on this ad. In such a polarized world, our words need to be parsed very carefully. I interpreted this ad as having a 'political' bent to it -- 'under attack', 'here to tell the truth', 'future of the country.'  Maybe I'm just reading too much into it. I think we have to remain as neutral as possible. We have so many different constituents that we're talking to. Importantly, the tourism/travel industry advertisers. 'Kids do like history when it's done well'... Sounds like you're saying kids can pick and choose their 'history'? Don't mean to be too critical, but not crazy about this one."
—Greg Carroll

   Bottom line: they all have a point—every single one of these pompous bastards. So, I called Dan The Man and we went through everything and took another run at the ad, and with an assist from The Top Secret Writer, we ended up here. 

Camille Gerhards, age 3, Albuquerque

Invasion of Stinkweed!

A good shot of a mixed blessing.

   Globe Chamomile is an invasive grass with yellow buds. It has now returned after it was one of the principal fire accelerators in the May 2020 conflagration that burned and eradicated most of the vegetation in the foreground. With the recent heavy rains it has returned with a vengeance. Beautiful, but deadly when August comes.

"Only time can heal what reason cannot."

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