Monday, March 06, 2023

The Tucson Festival of Books History Readers, Part II

 March 6, 2023

   Back from a week on the road and I have to say it was inspiring and educational. We started in AJ (Apache Junction), then on to Tombstone and from there to the Tucson Festival of Books. Here are just a few of the wonderful people—they're all READERS!—who dropped by our booth to show us their favorite issues of True West magazine.

Aleisha Velasquez, White Mountain Apache
& Navajo

    Here is Cecilia Barbetta who absolutely loves our coverage of Crazy Horse. She is a pistol and we love her too!
Cecilia Barbetta

   A surprising number of couples dropped by to say how much they both love what we're doing.

Alanna Day and Bob West

   Bob is the co-author of "Twenty Miles of Fence."

   We also visited with local dignitaries, like the director of the Tucson Train Station Museum who said he especially enjoyed our coverage of the history behind the hit TV series "1883."

Dr. Kenneth V. Karrels

   More than one woman immediately gravitated towards our Tom Selleck cover, proving the guy still has some major gravitas with the ladies.

Joni Condit loves Tom Selleck

   And, once again, I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how many young people gravitated to our booth and expressed their love and interest of Old West history.

Gabriella & Tyler Reese

   This is just a fraction of the True West history fans we met and I'll post more tomorrow. Kudos to the organizers and volunteers who make the Tucson Festival of Books a reality. Such a class act. Thank you and you'll definitely see us next year.

"The best part of writing is having written."
—Old Author Saying

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