Saturday, March 25, 2023

Mickey Free: Trapped Between Three Worlds

 March 25, 2023

   He was trapped between three different worlds. The Mexicans disowned him for being too Apache and some Apaches thought he was too Mexican. The Irish, especially disowned him. Perhaps, Al Sieber summed him up best: "He's half Irish, half Mexican and all son of a bitch."

Daily Whip Out:

"Poor Little Mickey: Trapped Between

Three Worlds"

   Mickey Free, of course, had a long career as an Army scout and he was perhaps the perfect candidate to track down his former friend, the Apache Kid, and bring back his head.  Mickey played it mean and vicious to the very end, but then. . . who knew there was a drop of compassion in that vicious little thug?

"By God, maybe he is Irish!"

—Lonnie Loggergram

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