Friday, March 03, 2023

The Gunfighter Museum, Dave Daiss And A Killer Historian

 March 3, 2023

   Here's a shot you don't normally see in Cochise County.

Ed Schieffelin Trudging Through The Snow

   One of our favorite spots in Tombstone is the Gunfighter Museum, owned and curated by longtime friend Richard Ignarski, who, it turns out has excellent taste in art.

Displayed prominently in the museum

is this BBB orginal painting of

Johnny Behind-the-Deuce.

   After a fine lunch at Big Nose Kate's we left snowy Tombstone and headed for Elgin where Red River, 3;10 To Yuma and parts of Tombstone were filmed. It's also where the builder of the True West World Headquarters retired and built his dream ranch house looking out at the distinctive Mustang mountains pictured prominently in the above mentioned movies.

The True West Boys
BBB, Dave Daiss & Stuart Rosebrook

   From Elgin we motored on to Sonoita, then up to Vail and our final destination, Tucson, where we landed at a prominent historian's humble abode.

A killer historian, Dr. John Langellier

   The three of us went to Casa Molina on North Campbell and had an excellent meal. Over margaritas and carne seca we solved numerous mysteries of the Wild West. On the way out the door Stuart asked a waitress to take our picture and I looked over and saw this giant, decorative sombrero draped over a chair, grabbed it and plopped it on John's head.

The Three Amigos

   Tonight is the presentation of the True Westerner Award at White Stallion Guest Ranch and then tomorrow is the Tucson Book Festival. It's been an eventful road trip and we have seen some great country and met some damn groovy people.

"If I had followed  my better judgement always, my life would have been a very dull one."

—Edgar Rice Burroughs

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  1. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Elgin area also where Winchester .73 was filmed as well as portions of Oklahoma, Tom Horn (Steve McQueen version), Sacketts, and many others filmed in the nearby San Rafael Valley.


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