Thursday, May 18, 2023

BBB Road Rules & Close But No Cigar

 May 18, 2023

   Stuart Rosebrook found this fine photo to go with our fall coverage of northern cowboys.

Three Montana Cowboys:
Teddy Blue Abbott, at left;
Foreman John Burgess, standing;
John Bowen at right, taken in
Miles City, Montana, 1884
by Charles E. Finn.

   Two people on Facebook commented they thought the guy standing looks like a younger BBB? Sorry, close, but no cigar.

BBB doing 1878, but, circa 1978

BBB Road Trip Rules

   A week ago I was packing for my Jesse James Road Trip and when I got home I realized what makes a great road tip. Here are my road trip criteria.

• Stop at every cemetery and museum

• For meals, no chains, eat local

• Smell the rain, feel the humidity

• Be open for happy accidents. Then ask the tough questions.

My Proposed Dedication

   This book is dedicated to Mark Lee Gardner, who showed me the true heart of Jesse James country.

"Is it a bigger crime to rob a bank or to open one?"
—Ted Allan

   Most people don't know that the Rebs carried multiple pistols during the border wars.

Capt. Francis Marion 'Dave' Poole

My intrepid researcher Gay Mathis found these 1897 quotes from Frank James on the two pistol question:

   "Each guerrilla carried two to four pistols. I nearly always carried two. I was small and slender and more than that number was too many for me."

   "The stories about guerrillas riding with the reins of the horses between their teeth and firing with pistols in both hands is simply dime novel stuff."

   "We always held our horses with one hand and the pistol with another."
—Frank James

"By some intelligent people they are regarded as myths; by others they are in league with the devil. They are neither, but they are uncommon men."
—John Newman Edwards


  1. Lee Fraker10:27 PM

    I believe Jesse's son said his father could do it? Relying on young Tim's memory of his fathers skills.

  2. Anonymous11:01 PM

    If I might add one or two more to your list of ‘road rules,’………always listen to the birds, crickets, cicadas, tree frogs, etc. Also, there are certain ‘flora and fauna’ smells to different parts of the country. Use all the senses!


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