Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Coffee's On And The "Hello, Bob" Coffee Mug Is Finally Ready For You

 May 24, 2023

  Coffee's on, and the perfect coffee mug is ready for your eyes only.

A Special offer, just for my blog friends

   Just for those of you who read this blog, I am going to include a brand new—totally free!— a set of four original BBB Old Vaquero Sayings Coasters, in with your order, when you buy the mug and a "Hello, Bob" shirt.

One of the BBB coasters

(you will get four different ones!)

"Quit your lollygagging and jump on this muy generous offer, Dude."

—Old Huckster Saying

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  1. History is such fun when ya' been there. Lincoln Court House and The Wortley


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