Saturday, May 06, 2023

Retrofuturism Is Looking Back to See How Yesterday Viewed Tomorrow

 May 6, 2023

   I think it's safe to say, we at the Razz Revue worshipped Bruce McCall. Our favorite Zane Master Illustrator passed on May 5. Bruce was the creator of "The Bulgemobile Airdremes" which he did as a series of fake ads for the National Lampoon in the 1970s. We loved him. He was 87.

   And, this is one of my favorites. . .

   I love it that people gathered at an open grave are waving at the new '58 Fireblast!

   Now you  know where this came from:

   Yes, Dan The Man really loved Bruce McCall and his crazy aesthetic. 

   That is Black Bridge in the background and this is Route 66 south of Kingman, Arizona, circa late forties, early fifties? Logasville was the home of Billy Logas, King of the Kingman Quartermile. If you are from Mohave County you already knew that.

Pump House Late Light

Someone asked me where Uno was when I took this photo and the answer is, Mr. Lazy Boy couldn't be bothered to get up from his doggy hammock.

Just got back from a memorial service for Jerry Foster at Frontier Town in Cave Creek. He passed on March 31st. The legendary TV helicopter newsman was remembered fondly by many of his friends, including his producer Susan Sorg, seen here speaking in the big tent. Thanks to Edmundo Segundo for inviting me. For a short time Jerry was my neighbor and he flew me into Phoenix for a speech, and back. Crazy, heady days those were. One of his former comrades remembered him as Sky-komaynee, a parody of an Iranian hoodoo master. Ha.

Susan Sorg remembers Jerry Foster fondly

     Working on a cover idea.

Daily Whip Out: "Kit Carson Sketch #3"

"My work is so personal and so strange that I have to invent my own lexicon for it."
—Bruce McCall, calling his inventions "retrofuturism," which he defined as "looking back to see how yesterday viewed tomorrow."

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