Wednesday, October 04, 2023

Dogs Galore & Coffee Kathy

 October 4, 2023

   Thanks to that little Aussie punk, James B. Mills, we are doing Pioneer Pets in the December issue and it is turning out to be a wonderful photo feature with dogs and cats in every possible situation on the frontier. Here is a taste:

A couple and their dog, Las Vegas, 1904

   Here's another fantastic dog picture of Custer and Libby having lunch on the Kansas frontier with one of George's greyhounds lounging in front of the tent.

   Wait a minute, is that dog's head faked in? What the hell? Oh, I see.

   Apparently, Custer's greyhound shook his head during the long exposure and someone tried to fix it by painting in the head. So, do we scrap this photo? Or do we run both images and let our readers in on the hatchet job?

   Meanwhile, here's another photo that looks fake but isn't.

BBB With Dusty Many Moons Ago
(Photo by Ralph Rippe)

      And, this one wasn't faked either.

BBB And Apache Laughing
at Ed Mell's Studio 1982

(Photo by Ralph Rippe)

   And then came little Un.

BBB With Uno, 2021

And, yes, we have had a formal portrait taken:

The Studio Portrait of Uno and BBB
(Photo by Bryan Black)

   Meanwhile, on the Eating Liver front:

Daily Whip Out:
"Liver Eating Johnson's Smirk"

   Yes, Kathy and I did a crazy teenager thing last weekend and went to a concert in downtown Phoenix—after dark!— and our kids demanded to know how that happened, so I confessed.

   Kathy and I were watching TV and stumbled onto one of Iliza's Netflix specials and thought she was quite outrageous and funny, so for grins I Googled her and lo and behold she was on tour and coming to Phoenix in the fall (this was earlier this summer) and I go over to the studio and when I come back to the house and Kathy, who has just had her coffee, says, "Do you want to sit in section 5 or in the balcony?" And I think to myself, "Yes, that could be fun if the show starts at three in the afternoon and is being held at Frontier Town, but I am working on a True West cover and I'll deal with this later." Of course, "later" turned into last Friday and as we're driving into the Beast AFTER DARK I said to the Goose, "Okay, that's it. No more coffee for you!"

   The moral to this tale is: if it wasn't for Coffee Kathy, the farthest place I would have ever traveled to is Duluth, Minnesota.

"The longest journey begins with a wife high on coffee."
—Old Cartoonist Saying

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