Tuesday, October 17, 2023

High Res Scans, Instant Boze Hoodies And Hanged Men

 October 17, 2023

   Here's a sentence I could never hear again and be perfectly happy.

"Image won't work, we need a higher res scan."

—Robert Ray, Production Manager TW magazine

   Yes, the lack of high resolution scans are the bane of my life. Wish I had all the time back from trying to find the original, reshooting the original, rescanning the original and arguing with Robert Ray about what's big enough to run in the magazine!

Daily Whip Out:

"Red Dead Bushwhacker"

(scanned at 600 dpi)

Custom Made In A Minute?

   So, I'm scrolling through Facebook like any other self-respecting Septuagenarian and I run smack dab into the middle of this offering.

Boze Hoodies and Shirts!

   Please tell me this is not what I think it is. This must be AI? Is it automatic? Does everyone get an offer for hoodies with THEIR name on them? Dang!

Speaking of Being Jerked to Jesus

   Buckeye Blake is a cranky cat. Besides believing in the Croquet Photo, he can be caustic and hilarious depending on whether he is pissing out of the tent, or in the tent. Here is an example of the latter.

Buckeye With A Davey Powell Hanger

"Nobody reads your blog."
—Buckeye Blake giving me grief at the Wortley Hotel because I didn't bring the "other" hanged man by Davey Powell to Lincoln

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