Friday, October 06, 2023

Stumbling Across A Photo of A 1950 Ford Pickup And A Dog Named Pal On The Search for A 1995 Photo of Deena Wearing Doc Martens

 October 6, 2023

   Kids can sometimes make some hardcore demands of their parents that are fun but frankly, ridiculous. A week ago Deena requested a photograph of herself when she was a teenager, wearing Doc Martens. It's for a client representation talk where she works, and the client is Doc Martens. Wow. Okay, so first we put it off for five days, but then on the second request, Kathy started in the hall closet and I went out into the garage and we began in earnest searching all the boxes and  albums strewn across four decades of living. 

Rule No. 1: When You Are Looking For Something Specific You Will Find Everything But That

   I simply must stop the search and study the photo I haven't seen in half a century and wonder what year was that Ford truck? And was this at the Ashfork Avenue house in Kingman?

   Yes, this is a photo of my dog Pal and me posing in the small patch of grass in our front yard on Ashfork Avenue on Hilltop outside Kingman in 1957 (or, so it says on the back). I seem to remember that is a 1950 Ford pickup that belonged to Mrs. Hand, my third grade teacher, before she sold it to my father who often had four or five different cars and trucks parked in front of our house because, as it says on his tombstone, "He loved cars," and he loved to trade and buy them.

   Okay, so tomorrow I will get back to the search for those Doc Martens.

“No person who can read is ever successful at cleaning out an attic.” 

— Ann Landers

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