Tuesday, October 03, 2023

Liver Eating Johnson Regurgitated Ad Infinitum

 October 3, 2023

   It's time to revisit a fun little tidbit I originally did for the Westerns Channel back in 2002. In 2012 I started doing a print version for the Arizona Republic and in 2019 they began running in the Tombstone Epitaph. That would be these little moments I love so much

Daily Whip Out: "True West Moment #248"

   Still trying to wrangle our December cover to the ground. Here's the historic photo version:

The Real Liver-Eating Johnson

   This seems boring to me, and something Wild West magazine would do. But, lots of angst and upset over the movie image of Redford (our publisher thinks it makes us look like a nostalgia Western movie magazine):

The Movie Version of Liver-Eating Johnson

   And, so we go round and round.

"I spent 15 minutes writing 'Stand By Your Man' and a lifetime defending it."

—Tammy Wynette

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  1. I think the REAL LEJ photo doesn't portray the story very well (LOL). So in this case print the legend-Robert Redford all the way! I would imagine selling magazines is similar to selling movie tickets-casting is critical. Of course, when it's not your magazine these decisions are really easy-good luck, gentlemen.


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