Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Cowboy Covers, Dust Riders & Desert Critters Galore

 November 14, 2023

   Odd day. Internet went down around noon. Couldn't work on the magazine. Missed a Slack call meeting with Stuart to go over cowboy images for our cover story in January.

Dan The Man's First Pass at A Jan Cover

 Called Lucinda Amorosano to get the phone number of our provider and steeled myself to go through phone hell to actually get to a real person (press four if you don't understand our convoluted gibberish). Much to my surprise, a guy named Tim answered the phone on the second ring and couldn't have been nicer.

Cheers for Tim & Ethan from Desert I-Net

   And, I have to say, Desert I-Net has the best customer service I have encountered in a long time. Not only did Tim answer the phone and take down my problem, he got a mobile technician in the field on the phone to see if they could work me in before the end of the day. When I got home from an appointment in town, this guy was waiting for me in the driveway.

Ethan Saves The Day

   After testing out our router and making two trips up on the roof, Ethan discovered a spider had crawled inside their, small, white connector box and burrowed into a copper connector and shorted out the whole deal. He fixed it in no time. Plus, Ethan wouldn't take any money for it! I tipped him and gave him three True West magazines. This restores my faith in humanity AND Ethan's generation, who I had written off as major slackers and now I know they have at least two solid citizens.

   Also, in a related critter deal, a desert rat got into Kathy's Kia and when she opened her glove box, the rat retreated into the engine compartment. She found a makeshift nest in her back seat! This all took place in our garage.

Desert Riders Galore

Daily Whip Out: "Dust Rider #12"

"All's well, that ends well."

—Old Vaquero Saying

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