Sunday, November 05, 2023

Mucho Mas Old Vaquero Drawings

 November 5, 2023 

   Oh, what a difference a year makes. Found this old Mexican maxim and thought it applied to our situation: "A falta de pan, tortillas!"

   What does that mean?

Daily Whip Out:
"Old Vaquero Drawing #13"

   It means if you lack bread, make tortillas. Or, as we Americans put it, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Personally, I like tortillas better, so there you go. Speaking of tortillas, when I think of the "Old Vaquero" I think of a very Indio-Mexicano who is sort of a visual cousin to Uncle Sam. You know, like this:

Daily Whip Out: Old Vaquero Sketch #27"

   Or, this.

Daily Whip Out:
"Old Vaquero Sketch #14"

   Wise and sympathetic to the ways of the Gringo.

"My upbringing made me who I am."

—Marina Abramovic, who is the subject of a show at the Royal Academy of Arts in London

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