Friday, November 24, 2023

The One Thing That Occassionally Beats Handsomness

 November 24, 2023

   In my experience, it isn't very often that anything beats a good looking person, especially in the romance department.

The Sexiest Man Alive

   Yes, Kathy Sue Radina brought home some major hunks to the State Avenue abode in north Phoenix where the Radinas lived.

Kathy And Roger

   Last week I was talking to her brother Brad and he told me how his sister brought home all these long-haired hunks, most of them with lots of turquoise jewelry and man purses and how they were all so studly and good looking. Then, he said, with an ironic, but amused smile: "Then she came home with you."

Kathy brings home a major Yahoo

   How in the hell did a goober from Kingman win against all that handsomeness?

"You made me laugh."

—Kathy Sue

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