Wednesday, November 22, 2023

The Usual Yee-hawery Plus A Whole lotta Hoo Ha

 November 22, 2023

   The years pile up but the open-secret-mystery remains: How involved was the CIA in JFK's assassination? Current assessment: more than we were led to believe. So, what else is new?

   Well for one thing, we've got the usual Yee-hawery.

   My view this morning on the hike up to Morningstar. That's Uno up ahead, parallel to that first big saguaro. I asked my grandson Weston if he knew why that mountain range in the background makes me laugh and when he didn't know I told him  because it's hill areas. As I said earlier, that's just good Yee-hawery.

    Meanwhile, here's your daily Hoo Ha.

Larry McMurtry Shows The Way

  I am reading, with much pleasure, the Tracy Daugherty biography of Larry McMurtry. When Larry published his early novel "Moving On," an irate reader in Dallas told the Atlantic Monthly that McMurtry's view of the Lone Star state was "about five coon-ass miles southwest of reality." That's certainly a direction I'd like to go.

Archer City, Texas 

   This image, above, is from the opening pan shot of "The Last Picture Show." A very forlorn downtown which happens to be Larry McMurtry's actual hometown. This destitution is something we in the West know quite well.

"It's Boot Hill son. The last roundup, motherfuckers."

—A film crew gaffer on "The Last Picture Show" staging the cemetery burial scene of Sam The Lion (Ben Johnson) as quoted by Tracy Daugherty in "Larry McMurtry: A Life"

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