Tuesday, January 14, 2003

January 13, 2003
Up and down day in office. Every path has its puddle and I’ve been getting my socks wet if you know what I mean.

Bob Brink had a clever solution to yesterday’s lament about the old TW being brown and compelling. He came in my office around ten and said, “Maybe we’ve become a little too much ‘magazine.’ We could easily run some of the older material in the center on the older paper.” Quite ingenious really, and I think it would play nicely. More history and on the paper the old timers love. And the paper is dirt cheap. No wonder Bob got a million a year at Hearst. Ha.

One of my famous artist friends, with my initials, just got his son out of jail in Mexico. The boys were partying and had sex with a drunken coed who woke up the next day and pressed charges. As anyone who has been in prison in Mexico (that would be me) can tell you, it is mighty scary. After my stint, I kissed the ground when I got back across the border. That story later.

Speaking of sex with coeds, at my age sexiness (and sex) has become very tenuous. My old friend Charlie Waters E-mailed me last week and said I looked like Wilford Brimly in our Christmas card letter.He said it was a complement. Call me a vain prick, but this did not make my day. The very next day I got an E-mail from a movie producer named Merlin (I’m not making this up) and he said, and I quote: “In your photo at the beginning of your journal, you look like Robert Redford as The Sundance Kid.” Now granted, that photo was taken two years ago before walking thru so many puddles, but guess which one I see when I look in the mirror? Kathy said, “I think Wilford Brimley is very cute.” Now that is one smart woman, eh?

“A woman will flirt with anyone in the world, so long as other women are looking on.”
—Oscar Wilde

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