Thursday, January 16, 2003

January 15, 2003
Missed two appointments. The Cave Creek Museum board of directors had a meeting at 7:30 and I forgot, thought it was 8:30. Ironically I was writing this journal (yesterday’s entry). Had lunch with Kathy at China Joy ($15 cash, includes tip), then came home and got props for a photo shoot at office. Got back and found out I missed a finance meeting with the Big Four. Ouch! Also missed meeting the head of the British Hearst magazine operation (just retired). Bob Brink brought him by and I really wanted to meet him. So by 2 pm I was 0 for 3.

As I was waking up, Kathy spent an hour reading to me out of the new Newsweek about diet and exercise. Need to eat better and walk. Doing too much of the former and not enough of the latter. What happened to those studies where they had two groups and one group just thought about shooting baskets and they beat the control group who actually practiced every day? Huh? What about those of us who think real hard about jogging? That must count for something.

Too many of my friends are going down. Allen F. our marketing guy is in the hospital with a major heart bypass deal, and Paul N. is bedridden with some seizure, stroke deal. And Robert Urich is flat dead.

I’ve had two readers E-mail me about the “brown” issue. Larry from Texas and Lynn Allen W. who said, “I have been searching for words to try and express what I think is wrong with TW, and lo and behold Bob in his journal hit the nail on the head. Brown! That is what’s missing. there are enough Scottsdale fashion magazines out there. I realize that you need advertising from all those ‘BooTeaks’ but grit up the magazine like it was when I was a kid...I love True West and am only trying to offer positive suggestions. I wouldn’t waste my time sending this if you were not one of my three favorite mags.” Well, that’s damn persuasive.

Abby is working up Honkytonk Sue t-shirt ideas and she said she needed another Sue-sim, so I brought this one in:

“Go for younger men—you might as well, they never mature anyway.”
—Honkytonk Sue

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