Tuesday, January 28, 2003

January 27, 2003
Finished the travel issue editorial, proofed the final output of April issue, found several mistakes. It went out the door at four. Process is getting better and better.

One of our oldtimers, Boyd Schwartz, sent me a nice letter saying he is too old to subscribe, can’t find any articles to read, etc.. I wrote him back and told him he can’t leave now. I paid his subscription. He’s a funny, snotty reader and I love his opinions.

Came home for lunch, had leftover spaghetti. Worked on artlist and items I need to get on track with. Bob Brink rewrote my Ford letter (I wasn’t asking for the order). Much stronger.

Phoned Dan H. about upcoming cover images. Need a strong one for travel, then one for 50 Discoveries. I love the word “Eureka!” I want something that would emulate that.

"More people succeed with great purpose...rather than with great talent."
—Billy Sunday

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