Sunday, January 26, 2003

January 25, 2003
I had breakfast with writer Tom Miller at Micha’s back on Fourth Ave. this morning. Over huevos rancheros and menudo we caught up on all things Old Pueblo. He told me about the ex-lead singer of the Dusty Chaps (one of the first Country Rock bands in the nation and local legends). How he now does a radio gig on public access KXCI, as Petie Mesquiti (I caught it at noon and it made me smile. So un-reconstructed hippie—so Tucson).

I also wanted to confirm a story I heard. Two days after President Bill Clinton “walked,” as Tom put it, from his impeachment, the White House wanted to get him out of town and do something where the president could bask in unconditional love. Knowing that South Tucson is a bastion of Democratic zeal, the West Wing staff cooked up a trip to the Old Pueblo so the president could present some award and feel good. The Old Democratic Guard in Pima County immediately started gearing up for the visit. It was understood that Clinton would eat at the old and prestigious El Charro in downtown Tucson. But someone, thought to be a Latino in the New Guard, sabotaged the plan, and instead, the president’s motorcade ended up at Mi Nidito on South Fourth Avenue. The staff at El Charro waited, but the president never showed. Today you can sit where Bill sat (his photo eating there is over the booth) at Mi Nidito and eat what Bill ate. I did. The Presidential Platter includes a tamale, a chile relleno, a tostado and a green chile burro. It would be unfair to say that Mi Nidito unduly profited from the visit because the Mi was always popular, but today there are waiting lists every day of the week. It’s quite amazing when you think about it. The ripple effect of a blowjob can touch so many things.

“Chile Today, Hot Tamale.”
—The Dusty Chaps

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