Saturday, January 18, 2003

January 18, 2003
Intended to bail into art today but got none done. Instead, I had my hands full being the camp counselor, a job I do increasingly well (I force myself to actually listen to what others are saying rather than thinking of what I’m going to say next). I have a stable full of race horses and they are way high strung.

Today is ad deadline for April issue.and sales really kicked it, adding an additional ten pages of advertising by 5 pm. Ted, Stacy, Mike, R.G. and Larry were on fire and it really adds up when they get to crankin’.

Meghan is on my ass about art for Classic Gunfights. Funny how you hire someone to clean things up in production and when they do it and get down to the real problem it turns out to be the person who hired them. Actually, it’s not that funny.

Author and Butch Cassidy expert, Dan Buck weighs in on the “Brown” issue: “For what it's worth, I agree with Mark B., a separate ‘grey section’ is a bad idea, a retrogression. You can't go back. It's not there anymore.”

Went over to the Cave Creek Museum after lunch to go over a possible column to be printed in one of the local papers. I told the board I would help with creating a CC history column but they would need to get me the raw material and I would put it together. Much resistance to it. Very territorial, these “girls” and “their” history.

Someone forwarded me the list of favorite headlines of 2002, and of course, most of them are older than I am, but there was one I hadn’t heard: “Crack Found on Governor's Daughter.” That made me laugh. I guess I like it because it’s bush. And Bush.

My John Wayne art piece fell through because there is no room in this issue for it. Have mixed feelings about it, but I need to finish artwork this weekend and it’s also the High Noon Old West Auction out in Mesa and I’ve got to go out there. Need to work smart.

“Power is not revealed by striking hard or often, but by striking true.”

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