Thursday, August 12, 2004

August, 12, 2004
It’s my goal to someday paint and draw like John Bonham drums. Bold and fearless, crafty and masterful all mixed together in a potent molotov cocktail of explosive imagery, tumbling from the tips of my fingers. I just don’t want to die choking on my own vomit. Hey, we all have to dream, don’t we?

Worked in office until around 11. Finished Classic Gunfights copy, e-mailed it to our fact checker, Neil Carmony, in Tucson. He is so good. Knows all the bogus stuff and there’s plenty of that around. Very dependable.

At noon Thomas Charles and I met Robert Chenal (“Marine Bob”), Mike Melrose and Carole Glenn for a going away lunch for Marine Bob at El Encantto ($55 house account, includes tip). Tomorrow is Robert's last day as an intern. I asked him to tell us the best and worst thing about working at True West and he said the computer he used was the worst and learning about the history of Mickey Free was the best.

Had Carole bring me home around two so I could finish Classic Gunfight artwork. Got a big ambitious painting going of Doc Holliday stumbling into the Oriental on October 12, 1880 with a pistol in his hand and blood in his eye. The Epitaph said he uttered an oath “that is unprintable.” Hmmmmm, knowing Doc it shouldn’t be hard to imagine what that was.

Worked until six, took a swim. Buddy Boze Hatkiller joined me for a half a lap. Need to finish art tonight. Hanging out. Way late this time, but I’ve been spread too thin, too much travelling.

At lunch today, Melrose said one phone call he took a couple years ago sums up the Bell family better than anything. One Halloween, Tommy called the office, Melrose answered and Tomcat said, “Tell my dad I need my clown costume.” I had worn it to work and he needed it for his work, at El Encanto. We laughed and laughed. It really does sum up our family. I don’t think even John Bonham got to experience that.

“You're never as good as everyone tells you when you win and you're never as bad as they say when you lose.”
—Lou Holtz

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