Tuesday, August 31, 2004

August 31, 2004
Went for a walk with the dogs at about seven this morning. The usual scorpion stinger-like morning heat, has been de-stingerized. It’s still hot, but the sting is gone. It’s a sign summer is on the wane. Still, it was 107 today, but the nights and early mornings are the key.

Speaking of Picasso, I heard yesterday that there are 400 stolen or missing Picassos reported, worldwide. Wow! Also, on another art note: the famous Scream painting that was stolen in Norway, was painted on cardboard! I’m not joking. $1.5 million for an iconic masterpiece and it’s painted on cardboard. Now, it must be added that cardboard from the those days was a bit stronger than today, but still, the very idea is staggering.

Whipped out four more scratchboards of Tombstoners. At this rate I’ll illustrate everyone who ever lived there, or is currently living there. And speaking of which, this afternoon I got a call from Danny Coleman, Glenn Boyer’s son, who was at the “OKII: Shoutout at Schieffelin Hall” incident back in November of 2000 when the OK Corral fight almost re-erupted. Danny, who was armed that day, asked for a copy of the infamous Wyatt Earp issue that resulted from the encounter (Feb. 2001). He told me it keeps getting referenced online where he is fighting his enemies and he has never seen it. I went up front and asked if Samantha could spare one and she said, and I quote, “Are you kidding? We are getting $75 a piece for those.” I faxed Danny a xerox of the article. I hadn’t looked at it in some time and it is quite funny. Almost a perfect parody of the actual fight, only, unlike the first go round, this one had photos. It’s a classic if I do say so myself.

Walked down to Dairy Queen for lunch (Ultimate Burger and iced tea, $4.75 cash). Started two more scratchboards after lunch, one a big cloud bank building right outside my window. That was cool, to actually draw with a stunning scene right at my fingertips. Clouds are so hard to do with any accuracy. Everyone piles them up like mashed potatoes and of course, they are so much more delicate, intricate and dynamic. I’ll post the results tomorrow. It isn’t finished. I hope it hangs together and flys.

“Never hope more than you work.”
—Rita Mae Brown

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