Thursday, August 05, 2004

August 5, 2004
Whipped out three cowboys for a new batch of Honkytonk Sues. Got a good likeness of a Ka-boy with a chaw in his cheek, crazed look in his eye, big black hat. He’s hittin’ on Sue, of course, and she’s got the answer to his lewd and lame game.

Bob Brink, RG and I had lunch with a major travel company rep who is interested in doing True West tours all over the Western U.S. and into Canada and Mexico. This came out of a contact I made at the Brian Label Cody show in June (I’m telling you, trade shows pay off in the most obtuse ways). Very exciting. If you are a TW Maniac, you’ll get first shot, and big discounts on some very cool trips we are planning.

Last Saturday, when Kathy and I were walking up and down the windy streets of San Francisco, she asked me if I wanted any sort of jewelry or silver pin as a remembrance for our 25th anniversary and I looked in a couple windows and finally said, “You know, I really want a silver Day-of-the-Dead pin custom made by Kit Carson.”

So today, Kathy went to Taos and dug him up. No, actually I have been promising to go see Carson’s studio (yes, his real name is Kit Carson) for the last 14 years, and as a matter of fact, when I was cleaning out my studio I found a flyer he sent me, inviting me out. It was postmarked 1993. Ha. We had a laugh about that one. So today, after lunch I drove out to New River and checked out the Cactus Camp. Mighty cool. Big views of the hind end of Elephant Butte. I found the coolest skeleton drummer and it’s only $1,200 (I know, I know, I’ll throw in a big tip). May settle for a skull pin for my jacket lapel ($450). I need something to spice up my History Channel coat (and especially my History Channel appearances).

Although he doesn’t own a computer, a fax, or a cell phone, you can check out Kit's very basic website at:

Be sure to check out the “bony pony” (click on jewelry) which is a day-of-the-dead bronco rider. This is very similiar to the drummer pin I want. Also, click on the rustic sculpture, which was photographed right in his yard and that is Elephant Butte in the background.

“Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier.”
—Charles Franklin Kettering

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