Thursday, August 26, 2004

August 26, 2004
The staff is busy creating movie posters for our proposed Westerns. Robert Ray whipped out a very believable Denzel Washington flick on bulldogger Bill Pickett. Dan Harshberger nailed a good Angelina Jolie as gambler Lottie Deno, although Allen Barra overnighted me a new DVD of Jolie’s movie Original Sin, which he says is perfect for what we want. He also said there are extra scenes of her “talents” on the un-rated DVD which were not in the theatrical release. I will see for myself tonight. Oh, the burden of taking home work. It’s so taxing sometimes.

Tommy and Robert Chenal rented a U-Haul to come down from Flag today to pick up furniture (neither kid has a car). Kathy and I met them at Pei Wei for lunch ($22 cash). Both boys are working as waiters at a Mexican food joint in Flag called Cilantros. I asked them how it’s going and Robert said, “Indians don’t tip and they complain about the food.” I asked him which ones and he said, “Hopis and Navajos.”

Speaking of Indians, I came back from lunch and in the office was Susanne Gunther, Mare Rosenbaum and DeAnne Giago (all former employees). It was quite bizarre to see them all standing there. After I did a double take, they laughed and asked if I was shocked, and I said, “Hell yes. You shocked the [poo poo] out of me.”

I just heard End of Trail is moving to New Mexico. That is a total shocker. The very popular Single Action Shooter annual event has been in Norco, California for a long time, but my source told me they bought some land (he didn’t say where) in the Land of Enchantment and are moving the whole, ahem, shootin’ match.

Whipped out three more Curly Bill images of he and his cow-boys shooting up Tombstone. Nocturn scratchboards. And speaking of scratchboards here’s the La Tules I was blowing about a couple days ago. Can you see the Salma Hyak reference?

Worked until around 5:30, wrapped up everything and closed up shop. By the way, we are at 625 True West Maniacs. And I got this from one of them:

I'm a'coming to Northfield.
True West Maniac #12

“The most influential person who will talk to you all day is you, so you should be very careful about what you say to you!”
—Zig Ziglar

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