Tuesday, August 17, 2004

August 17, 2004
Am I too obsessed with my career and artwork? I got this e-mail from a friend who is having an angiogram today. I told him I had one recently and what to expect. This is his reply:

“It seems that since you had your angiogram, you have (according to your blog) thrown yourself even more into your work. If that is a side-effect, I am canceling mine.”

Funny guy, but it does make me wonder. RG asked me today in our editorial meeting if I thought I was spreading myself too thin. I admitted I probably am, and we discussed moving several deadlines around and delaying one big project until later. We also discussed various speaking engagements and trips (to go speak) and whether to cut back on those. Very helpful, and I needed that.

It was Rober Ray’s birthday today (45) and we had a cake and sang Happy Birthday twice, so as I understand copyright law, we owe Paul McCartney 67 cents.

Dan, The Man, Harshberger came out to lobby for his new page design. We compromised on the bylines, as RG and Meghan wanted bigger type to plug the writers. I think the new look is pretty cool (we have already been testing it in the last two issues. Check out page 46 for the new style and look at page 50 for the old. What do you think?)

Big rain clouds coming in. Finished six more head shots of Tombstoners. Did two women on scratchboard, tried for a vignette. Not sure it works. Just went out and looked (4:07) but Gus hasn’t had time to scan them yet. We’ll look at it in the morning.

Dan and I went to lunch at El Encanto at about 12:30 (machaca and eggs, iced tea, squared, I bought, $18 cash, includes tip). Sat outside and talked about people who drive us absolutely nuts (that would be two people from Kingman who answer to the term “mother”). Speaking of Kingman mothers, the new Arizona Highways is out and they have a big spread on Kingman with a gatefold, sideways shot of a zany Kingman honey looking ready for sing-along action. Really shocking, but I believe this is what Highways needs to do to wake people up. Very edgy, and Tom Carpenter’s text is quite good. Yes, and the photo of me on the roof of the Beale Hotel is there as well. It’s the September issue of Arizona Highways. Check it out. Dan and I also talked quite a bit about our kids and growing up in Kingman (a never-ending topic). Needless to say, it was a mixed experience.

“It's never too late to have a happy childhood.”
—Wayne Dyer

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