Wednesday, January 12, 2005

January 12, 2005
Woke up at about two in the morning, mulling, mulling and mulling stuff. The business, my book, my kids, my wife, my dogs, my studio, my mom, the '49. Repeat for two hours.

After yesterday's negative diatribe on the inevitability of a dirty bomb on the Strip (above mulling resulted from the damn Atlantic article about the dirty bombs), I think it's time for a little yang, from the Earl Nightingale Institute:

"Through millions of years of evolution, our predecessors have beaten all odds in an extremely hostile environment and somehow persisted. They survived, ultimately producing you and me, and since our birth we’ve successfully carried on and gotten ourselves perfectly to wherever we are at this moment.

"If we had taken any other turn along our life paths, who knows where we might be today? We can second guess our life's decisions. For example, wishing we had bought Microsoft stock back in 1975 — then we'd be even wealthier today! However, if we had made any other decisions in our past, there isn't any guarantee that we would even be alive today, much less healthier, wealthier, or happier.

"I like this concept because it frees us from having to spend time regretting our past. Our past has perfectly gotten us to where we are now."

And where am I at now? Mulling about all of my past mistakes that’s where. Ha. Actually, it really does help me get out of the negativos, and Earl usually does the trick.

Finished my editorial for April. Running photos of Jeff Morey, Paul Northrop, Dick (the hippie cowboy with no last name), Jim Dunham (Director of Special Projects at The Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, Georgia), and Bob McCubbin with a funny hat on and a big stick in his hand.

Came home for lunch and had part of a leftover chicken burro from El Conquistador, an apple. Walked to the creek with the dogs. Water running real good. We got more rain last night, but it blew through pretty fast. Came back up to the studio and met with Juan about laying natural stone in the drive-way. Going to wreck a grand, at least. Sketched out a possible cover idea for travel.

Got back into the office at one, birthday cake for Gus, Samantha and Brittany. Went into executive session. Tough questions and tough decisions, but we managed to laugh when it was over.

"I don't do anything without pressure.  A physical therapist said 'Get in tune with your body'.  But if I listened to my body, I'd stay in bed all morning."
—Stan Pottinger

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