Friday, January 21, 2005

January 21, 2005
Last night I went up to Legacy Gallery for a special party they were having for the High Noon folks (The fifteenth Annual Western Americana Show & Auction). It's this weekend down at Civic Plaza. Thanks to Brian Label, Melrose and I met Joseph Sherwood, one of the founders of High Noon and we traded stories about ASU and U of A in the sixties. He remembered going to ZBT frat parties in Tucson and seeing the Turtles, the Beach Boys and others. I remembered similiar stories because Charlie Waters was a Sig Ep and their house was next door, and one time I was over there visiting Charlie and I heard loud music and said something like, "Man, they're sure playing the Turtles loud over there," And Charlie said, "That's because it is the Turtles." This was unheard of. Local bands usually played the frat gigs, but there they were, The Turtles, playing the Zeta Beta Tau Spring formal! In those days there weren't many big venues. It was either small stuff (I think the Zebes paid $5,000 for the Beach Boys and $7,000 for the Turtles) or a bowling alley (where Jimmie Hendrix played his Tucson gig), or a ball field (I saw the Doors and the Rascals at High Corbett Field, with the stage set up on the pitcher's mound). Anyway, Joseph spent two years at ASU, rode a Triumph 650 (ditto), dated a girl in Manzanita (ditto), frequented JD’s in the river-bottom (ditto—saw Waylon Jennings on my 21st birthday, December 19, 1967. Had to wait outside until midnight, got in and had my first legal drink and even got Waylon's autograph).

Just then, Kathy came up and I introduced her to Joseph as an ex-ASU student who was in Manzanita Dorm.

Got up this morning and went for a quick bike ride at about seven. Still twilight out, but warmer (maybe 50). Came back to the house and collected a napsack full of colored rocks for the Spanish driveway and took off for work at eight. Ran into Juan and his son Umberto, on bikes, cruising up Spur Cross at Grapevine Wash. Picked them up and drove them back out to the job. Turned around and got into the office about 8:30. Big push in the office to finish travel issue. Biggest we’ve ever published, 156 pages. Everyone busy and jamming. Feels good.

Came home for lunch at about 12:30. Scooped up another two bags worth of flat rocks for the Spanish driveway. Paid Juan and his son. Had to lock up Peaches (El Perro) because she likes to walk on the wet cement. Work is progressing very nicely. Going to try and finish on Monday. Phase one, that is. The circular turnaround in front of the garage.

Had an executive session at about two. Bob McCubbin was in town and we went over budget crunching and other items. Things moved smoothly and we got quite a bit accomplished. Boned up on Robert's Rules of Order, and that made it a little more professional.

Five books I want to read (recommended by Dale Dauten):
1. Letters From a Stoic, by Seneca
2. Climbing the Blue Mountain, by Eknath Easwaran
3. The Letters of Emerson
4. How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnagie
5. Bushido, the Japanese book of Samurai wisdom

"To love what you do and feel that it matters—how could anything be more fun?"
—Katharine Graham

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