Monday, January 10, 2005

January 9, 2005
Regarding yesterday's entry, according to Charlie Waters, salmon swim up stream, possibly a trout, but definitely not a mackerel (which sounds funnier and that's why I picked it).

Charles Scoggin also weighed in on yesterday's comments:

"According to today's True West blog, Bob Boze Bell is a self-identified Liberal."

And then he added this:

"It's a bad sign, and a black day, when your own people are pretty sure you're ridiculous-and are willing to say so." —Old Vaquero Saying

What I actually said, or meant to say, is my wife is the "self-identified Liberal," and a flaming one at that. She and I don't agree on quite a few things. For example, she dislikes this blog. She thinks I misquote her (see above), especially the day where I said I was bugged at Deena, so I said, "Fine. I won't mention you at all." So, in addition to being a "moderate" I'm also a liar, or a flaming liar, if you want to get technical.

And speaking of Deena, she tried to drive out for lunch yesterday but the PF Chang's Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Marathon had her hemmed in. The huge marathon run attracted huge crowds. All the roads around her new condo in Scottsdale were closed for the race. She was surrounded by the race route and there was no way to get out. She called exasperated, and after pleading to no avail with several cops to cross intersections without success, she went home and waited it out.

Worked on a big painting of Doc in a rope beard disguise, nighttime effects. Didn't finish. Need to whip it out in the morning.

"Excuse me, but I'm in a hurry!  You've been in that phone
booth for twenty minutes and you haven't said a word!"

"Sir, I'm talking to my wife."

—A "joke" forwarded to me by Carole Glenn

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